Trois-Rivières, QC

The BDO Zone for Trois-Rivières, Québec was rated ‘A’  for 475,000 dry metric tons per year of woody biomass. There are significant quantities of pulpwood and forest residue available from public forests with a likely supply guarantee. A robust forest industry can provide a reliable supply chain.


Trois-Rivières, QC BDO Zone Overview

The Trois-Rivières BDO Zone is rated ‘A’, or “high quality, based on its resilient forestry and wood processing industry sectors with a long-standing track record of fiber supply. There are substantial quantities of unutilized woody biomass feedstock within the 150 km driving distance from the city of Trois-Rivières. A total of 475,000 dry metric tons (dmt) of available woody biomass feedstock was identified within the zone; 250,000 dmt/yr from Sawmill Residuals (wood chips, sawdust/shavings, and bark), 115,000 dmt/yr from Forest Residues, and 110,000 dmt/yr from Pulpwood.


BDO Zone Assets:

  • 475,000 dmt/yr of woody biomass available at low-risk
  • Strong forestry and wood industry sectors with a long history of performance
  • Access to a large number of potential suppliers, including sawmills and logging contractors
  • Despite the potential to process a significant amount of Roundwood, sawmills within the Zone are currently utilizing only 68% of the available volume

BDO Zone Liabilities:

  • The significant distance from the proponent to the feedstock suppliers poses a high risk
  • Forest ResidueS supply chains are not developed and require capital investment to scale up
  • Ownership of logging equipment poses risk due to the increased cost of equipment and an aging logging workforce
  • Delivered costs for Sawmill Residuals could increase by 10- 15% if there is a new large entrant that utilizes only this feedstock

Contact Info

To learn more about the Trois-Rivières BDO Zone, please contact:

Name: Aryn Garswood, Head of BDO Zone Initiative


Phone Number: 416-968-8884 ext. 223

Director, Innovation et Développement économique Trois-Rivières

Name: David Berthelot