Summit County, UT

The Summit County, Utah BDO Zone is rated ‘A.’ The long-term outlook on feedstock quantity is deemed stable. Key supply chain risks are related to logging capacity, estimation models, and feedstock production priority.


Summit County, UT BDO Zone Overivew

Feedstock quantity is expressed in bone dry tons per year (bdt/yr). Feedstock cost is expressed in US dollars delivered to Wanship, UT. Maximum transport distance is based on a 45-mile drive distance supply zone.

BDO Zone Assets

  • No significant competitors for pulpwood or forest residue exist in the region.
  • External funding earmarked for highly desired forest fuels reduction treatments means increased woody feedstock for the next 5 to 10 years.
  • Potential additional supply in the form of standing dead timber.

BDO Zone Liabilities

  • The number of logging companies and their capacities are limited. Scale-up can take time.
  • Forest residue production not a priority to loggers.
  • Likelihood of errors in the biomass availability models.


Among the top-rated assets are landfill access, access to hospitals and doctors, housing availability, and industrial zone availability.
While there are some challenges with forestry and logging workforce availability, the Summit County BDO Zone overall presents a profile of positively rated infrastructure assets.

There are two industrial sites in Summit County – (1) Site adjacent to N Henefer Landfill Rd is 614 acres (0.96 sq miles); (2) Site adjacent to W Three Mile Canyon Rd is 2080 acres (3.25 sq mi).

On-site Infrastructure:

The industrial sites will have access to water, sewer/septic, electricity, and natural gas. However, roads must be paved by the industries to connect the two industrial sites to the N Henefer Landfill Rd and W Three Mile Canyon Rd respectively.


Contact Info

To learn more about the Summit County BDO Zone, please contact:

Name: Aryn Garswood, Head of BDO Zone Initiative


Phone Number: 416-968-8884 ext. 223

Summit County Lands & Natural Resources Director

Name: Jessica Kirby