Sarnia-Lambton, ON

The Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario, BDO Zone for corn stover is rated ‘A’. The long-term outlook on feedstock quantity is deemed stable. Key supply chain risks can likely be addressed with reasonable mitigation measures.


Sarnia-Lambton, ON BDO Zone Overview

Feedstock quantity is expressed in Oven-Dried Metric Tons (ODMT). Meanwhile, the feedstock price is expressed in Canadian dollars and delivered to the plant yard, assuming the plant is located centrally in the BDO Zone.

The rating of the Sarnia-Lambton County BDO Zone is based on total delivered costs of the feedstock in a price range of $100-$140/ODMT and at a distance range of 140 km for a total of 190,000 ODMT/yr.

BDO Zone Assets

  • No large-scale competition for corn stover.
  • A stable long-term outlook on feedstock quantity
  • Ability to access larger supply basins at marginal increases in transport costs.
  • Positively rated infrastructure asset profile.

BDO Zone Liabilities

  • Low grower participation rates.
  • Short harvesting window.
  • Lack of corn stover collection and baling experience.
  • High probability of the need to engage a third-party company to carry out harvest with square balers.


Overall, Sarnia-Lambton County has a profile of positively rated infrastructure assets.

There is suitable land available in varying parcel sizes within existing industrial parks that include brownfield and greenfield development opportunities. Brownfield development opportunities include completed environmental assessments. Existing industrial parks include Bio-Industrial Park Sarnia, Bluewater Energy Park, and St. Clair Industrial Park. Developed industrial lots are serviced with sufficient infrastructure servicing capacity identified.

Bluewater Energy Park is a fully serviced 268-acre site located on the bank of the St. Clair River. It has significant existing infrastructure that can be utilized for development purposes including CSX Line main line with proposed future spur loop installment, electrical distribution at 13.8kV, natural gas distribution, city sewer connection, road access, maintenance, and lighting, marine terminal, and more.

For more information on Bio-Industrial Parks Sarnia and St. Clair Industrial Park, please visit or contact Economic Development Officer, Shawna Carr.

With a robust industrial infrastructure and a skilled technical workforce, Sarnia-Lambton is a compelling destination for businesses seeking to thrive in bioindustries, sustainable technologies, and more. Overall, Sarnia-Lambton has a profile of positively rated infrastructure assets sufficient to support most bio-based manufacturing.

Contact Info

To learn more about the Sarnia-Lambton BDO Zone, please contact:

Name: Aryn Garswood, Head of BDO Zone Initiative


Phone Number: 416-968-8884 ext. 223

Economic Development Officer

Name: Shauna Carr


Phone Number: 519-332-1820

Local grants and subsidies

Sarnia-Lambton is positioned in a unique location on the Canada / United States border within an approximately one-hour drive of major cities like Windsor and London, Ontario as well as Detroit, Michigan. The
area is an official Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Point, which grows the area as a hub for international trade and investment and strengthens market access for existing businesses. The Sarnia-Lambton Foreign Trade Zone Point helps companies access federal, provincial and regional programs that support Canada’s export development efforts.

The Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership in conjunction with the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce collaborated to bring the Foreign Trade Zone to the region and offer information on the Foreign Trade Zone and its advantages. Some programs include the  CBSA Trade Incentives Program, Duty Deferral Program, Duties Relief Program, and more.

For additional resources and information on Foreign Trade Zone Advantages, visit the Sarnia Lambton Economic Partnership (SLEP) website.