The BDO Zone Initiative

Accelerating investment in 1000 “bio-manufacturing ready” zones across the U.S.

The Bioeconomy Development Opportunity Zone Initiative certifies ‘regional readiness’ for bio-manufacturing, creates global connections and ignites an influx of clean energy opportunities.

BDO Zone ratings are force-multipliers for attracting new manufacturing plants that produce advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals, biogas, and biobased products and decrease GHGs in a meaningful way.

They drive biobased investment, create clean energy jobs and help secure our clean energy future.


new clean energy jobs


in direct and indirect economic impact 


reduction of net U.S. GHG emissions

Benefits of BDO Zone Ratings


  • Credibly promote “investment-grade” biomass assets to investors and developers around the world.
  • Attract new plants that make biofuels, renewable chemicals, biogas, and other biobased products.
  • Create permanent local new energy jobs.

Developers and Capital Markets

  • Fast identification of the optimal areas for new bio-project development.
  • Accelerate capital flow to biobased projects.
  • Faster investment decision-making.
  • More accurate and less risky deployment of capital.


  • Leverage sustainably grown and abundant biomass.
  • Create clean energy jobs in low-income rural and urban communities.
  • Significantly decrease national GHG emissions.

A message from the BDO Zone Initiative Chairman Jordan Solomon.

The BDO Zone Rating Framework

BDO Zone ratings help local economic development agencies and communities more effectively and credibly disclose feedstock and infrastructure-related risks and attract new biomass development opportunities.

Ratings signal that a region has undergone rigorous and extensive due diligence using a framework of over 100 standardized, transparent, and validated risk indicators based on the BSCR Standards for biobased investment. ‘AAA’, ‘AA’, ‘A’ and ‘BBB’ Ratings identify areas best positioned for low-risk bioeconomy project development.

Feedstock surplus

Data indicating at least 50,000 tonnes per year of excess sustainable feedstock available to support typical intake of new biofuels, biochemical and biomaterial manufacturing plants.

Supply chain strength

Evidence supporting long-term commitment to supply both quantity and quality by local farmers, forestry companies, food waste generators, haulers and municipalities.

Sound infrastructure

Suitable transportation, logistic, operating and supporting infrastructure to meet the requirements for new facility operations.

Read the newest BDO Zone rating for Coconino County, Arizona

The BDO Zone Investment Coalition

The BDO Zone Investment Coalition is a group of leading biobased investors and capital markets with a collective goal of investing $1 billion in new biobased manufacturing plants located in BDO Zones.

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Hear from BDO Zone Supporters

“The BDO Zone initiative will support investment in new SAF production plants throughout the United States and play a crucial role in a sustainable American economic recovery that will strengthen energy independence efforts and contribute to long term prosperity and create jobs.

CAAFI fully supports the BDO Zone Program and strongly recommends the designation of as many BDO Zones as practicable in order to attract solid investment in SAF production facilities.”

Chris Tindal, Assistant Director

“We support standardization and certification levers which will help businesses increase their innovation capacity and decrease the risk of bringing their innovations to market. We also support this opportunity to attract new innovative bio-marketplaces to rural Saskatchewan. In addition to introducing more sustainable products like biofuels, bio-products, bio-chemicals into the Canadian marketplace, The BD Zone Initiative can provide increased market diversification opportunities for our farmers and ranchers.”

Todd Lewis, President

“I haven’t seen this kind of activity in the seven years I’ve been here.”

Chris Bruce, Director of Community Services

“Supporting development of more bio-based production facilities is a key goal. Driving investment into production of alternative fuels, renewable chemicals, bio-based products, and sustainable aviation fuels is an imperative to create clean growth jobs for a North American economic recovery.

I recognize that one of the major barriers to development of new facilities is biomass feedstock risk. By focussing development on validated, dependable, and resilient biomass feedstock areas, the BD Zone Initiative can enable significant de-risking and rapid growth of bio-based projects in Canada.”

John May, Managing Director

“Through our due diligence and in conversations with Saskatchewan wheat producers, many are excited at the prospect of increasing their financial sustainability by adding another income stream to their core business. We believe the increased utilization of agricultural residues will transform the ag industry, propel producers into clean technology and assist in market diversification. The BDO Zone standardization and certification will allow more growers across Canada to diversify their businesses and participate in new markets.”

Martin Pudlas, CEO

“One of the benefits of the experience was the partnership in achieving the BDO Zone designation via Ecostrat.

Melville is becoming known across North America and around the globe as being open for business and very supportive of value added ag-related industries.

…Ecostrat is the best thing that’s ever happened to Melville.”

Ron McCullough, City Manager

“First and foremost, it’s good to see where the feedstock is available through the release of each new BDO Zone and the details.

Being able to connect with the region and ultimately get data on where that feedstock’s available; that is paramount for us.”

Andrew Friedenthal, Business Development Manager

“The two or three weeks post announcement of the certification tripled our deal flow in the forestry products side of things.”

Chandler Russ, Executive Director

“We wouldn’t be approaching phase 1 on a multi-million dollar project if it weren’t for Ecostrat’s BDO Zone.”

Stephen Houserman, Economic Developer

“We could have tried to market ourselves, but we are a very small, rural county with a population of 20,000; we don’t have a lot of resources.

I don’t think we would have been discovered at all had it not been for the BDO Zone Rating.”

Mark Peck, Shared Stewardship Coordinator